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Here you can access the terms and conditions for Top15Deals.com which mainly deals with coupons, coupon codes and promo codes for popular online stores form different categories. Top15Deals.com offers you exclusive offers and discounts on your favorite online stores. Terms and Conditions mention in this page will help you to make use of the website services in a better way. Customers who want to get benefited from the site should thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions. Top15Deals.com requests you to not use the website in any case if you are unwilling to accept the terms and conditions. It is our responsibility and we will make sure that you are updated about the changes being made in the terms and conditions in regular intervals.

Whatever the content like coupons, coupon codes and promo codes displayed in the website should be strictly used for personal use. No user is allowed to use the coupons and coupon codes for commercial purposes in any circumstances. Make use of coupons, coupon codes for major online stores and get huge discounts on every purchase. While sharing the coupons information to your friends and relatives should be in favor of Top15Deals.com. Users should not cause any damage to the website in any means. Top15Deals.com.com offers you amazing discounts through coupons, coupon codes, promo code from popular online brands, but we do not authorize the coupons which are displayed on the website for any category.

Top15Deals.com has solo rights to deactivate or activate, even delete user account without any prior intimation, if we notice that you do not follow our terms and conditions. User clicks on the coupon on our site you will be redirected to the merchant site and you get huge discounts on the product. Top15Deals.com does not sell any product or services to its customers, which means Top15Deals.com is no way responsibility for the errors and inaccuracies that occur in the website Top15Deals.com show cases coupons, coupon codes, discounts and offers on popular online brands. Top15Deals.com is not partnered with any of the merchants or endorsing its products. All the users customer should accept that Top15Deals.com is no way responsible for the products which you have purchased from the online stores. It is the duty of the customer double check with products and reliability of the online merchants before placing an order.

It is your responsibility to check the liability of the online stores before placing the order and also double check with the product you have ordered. Every user is bound to agree that the interaction between you and the store during the order process which includes payment, discounts, shipping, product related services and delivery details are with you and the concerned online store. Merchants displayed in our website have the full authority to change, activate or deactivate the offers without prior notification.Top15Deals.com is no way responsible for the changes. Visit Top15Deals.com for most rewarding coupons and coupon codes on popular stores.