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Eversmoke is the provider of top quality electronic cigarettes for a healthier life style. Eversmoke offers variety of flavors that appeal to both women and men.Customers testimonials listed on Eversmoke site are very impressive, you can see testimonials at :http://www.eversmoke.com/why-us/testimonials.html
They offer following flavors:
Royal Tobacco,Classic Tobacco,Golden Tobacco,Cool Menthol,Peppermint Party,Very Vanilla,Coffee Creation,Cherry Crush,Peach Passion (one of the favourite flavor),Pina Colada.Flavor Sampler , this pack contains all ten rich flavors. For starters this is a better choice.They offer 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, you can always return the product if you do not like it. We offer number of promo codes and deals on this page using which you can save more when buying eversmoke cigarettes.

Top most EverSmoke Coupons

EverSmoke coupons -Click Here for The Top Rated Electronic Cigarette 
-Click Here for The Top Rated Electronic Cigarette 
Coupon Expires On: 19-January-2018
EverSmoke coupons 25% Off All EverSmoke Starter Kits 
25% Off All EverSmoke Starter Kits 
Coupon Expires On: 19-January-2018
EverSmoke coupons Buy EverSmoke Here 
Buy EverSmoke Here 
Coupon Expires On: 19-January-2018
EverSmoke coupons Try The Healthier Way to Smoke  
Try The Healthier Way to Smoke  
Coupon Expires On: 19-January-2018
EverSmoke coupons Keep Yourself Healthy, Make The Switch To EverSmoke 
Keep Yourself Healthy, Make The Switch To EverSmoke 
Coupon Expires On: 19-January-2018
EverSmoke coupons A Better Alternative to Cigarettes - EverSmoke.com 
A Better Alternative to Cigarettes - EverSmoke.com 
Coupon Expires On: 19-January-2018

About EverSmoke

EverSmoke Cigarettes and Accessories: Delight for Modern Smokers

More and more people are discovering the delight and convenience of electronic cigarettes sold by the EverSmoke store. The e-cigarette starter kit sold by the store is the indispensable companion of beginners. It contains not only electronic cigarettes, but also batteries and chargers, including a USB charger to enable them to charge batteries from any computer, and five nicotine cartridges which can replace five whole packs of conventional cigarettes. There is also a manual to help beginners get used to smoking e-cigarettes.

Disposable e-cigarettes are another type of EverSmoke product. The advantage is that they do not require any charging. After smokers have had about 500 puffs, they can dispose of these cigarettes and buy the next pack of disposable ones. Flavors such as Classic Tobacco and Cool Menthol lend enjoyment to each puff. The silicone tip of each disposable e-cigarette prevents leakage to ensure that the enjoyment of smoking is not spoiled. Each disposable cigarette can replace two packs of conventional cigarettes. Customers can buy them in packs of 5 or 10. These cigarettes are ideal for people who are constantly on the go and have few opportunities to charge reusable e-cigarettes. EverSmoke coupons will help you discount more when you shopping in EverSmoke.com.

The cartridges offered by the store for e-cigarettes boast the VaporFlo™ technology. Thanks to it smoking is achieved with the maximum vapor amount. That is a unique technology which makes the e-cigarettes sold by the store unsurpassed in terms of the delight which is provided by the effective action of the atomizer. Each new cartridge comes with its new atomizer. The fact that the nicotine solution that the cartridges of the store contain is specially produced for it also makes people expect prime quality guaranteeing smoking delight, and on buying the cartridges available at the store they find out their expectations are met in full. The final item that contributes for the overall satisfaction of smokers of e-cigarettes provided by the EverSmoke store is the silicone tip, which, as was pointed out about disposable e-cigarettes, prevents leakage to keep the whole vapor amount at the disposal of smokers. Save on average when using our number of EverSmoke promo codes at Top15deals.com.

After beginners get used to smoking e-cigarettes, it is time to accessorize. The pack of three batteries which are available in a variety of colors enables users to be always ready with spare charged batteries. Standard and high capacity batteries are ready to be bought and to start serving their purpose with excellence, unswervingly ready to supply power to e-cigarettes when they are charged. High capacity batteries are preferred because of the amount of their charge, and also because they come in two models: manual switch and automatic switch. The advantage of the manual switch type is the larger amount of vapor produced, although in terms of duration it lasts less than the automatic switch type. Take 15% off your entire purchase with EverSmoke coupon codes from Top15deals.com.

For people who are often on the go, the portable charging case offered by the EverSmoke electronic cigarettes store is the solution. With it, smokers do not need to look for electrical outlets, and they do not need to use the USB port of their computer either. Besides the fact that this charger enables smokers to be always sure they have a source of power for their batteries at any time, there is the additional convenience of its small size – it can easily be slipped into a pocket. Get 10% off EverSmoke discount codes is being offered for electronic cigarettes starter kits.

Other EverSmoke products and accessories worth considering include the Power Cig which can be charged by plugging it into a USB port, wall chargers and USB chargers, car charging adapters, and universal carrying cases. The final touch of convenience comes with the EverSmoke lanyard on which an e-cigarette can be worn.